We partner with our clients to provide a high impact learning experience for emergent leaders.

Healthcare Worker

Key Benefits

  • Provides essential and practical skills for today’s healthcare managers
  • Targets many specific developmental needs of managers
  • Builds teamwork and collegiality
  • Enhancement of collective management team
  • Supports the organizational strategic initiatives
  • Supports personal career development
  • Supports recruitment and retention of directors, managers and their staff

Program Overview

The standard program includes eight full day sessions, offered monthly. The modules are selected to meet the organization’s needs. Participants complete an organizationally approved Learning/Leadership Project to build skills and provide relevant, practical application of their learning.

Enrollment is limited to 30 – 35 participants.

Program Modules Offered

  1. Managing Personal Effectiveness as a 21st Century Values based Leader
  2. Building Financial Management Skills (1-2 days)
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Conflict Resolution Skills
  5. Human Resource Skills: Leading and Optimizing Employee Performance
  6. Facilitating Process Improvements
  7. Coaching: Helping Others Be Their Best
  8. Managing Teams
  9. Process Improvement Skills
  10. Presentation Skills
  11. Accountability and Commitments
  12. Ethics
  13. Graduation: Presentation of Learning Projects

Program Features

Four integrated component parts:

  1. Onsite classes
  2. Online connection with lead faculty and assignments between classes to encourage continued engagement
  3. Each participant has an internal mentor selected by the organization to assure relativity and application of skills and exposer to new professional experiences.
    Mentors are supported with multiple classes/conference calls to support their learning of mentoring skills and support their work with their participant.
  4. Learning Project to assure the participants’ ability to enhance their organization’s strategic goals
  • Nationally known faculty with expertise and first-hand experience in health care management with appearance/participation with organizations senior executives in specialty fields.
  • Content is Customized to the sponsoring organization processes and procedures
  • Interactive, small classes
  • All modules are a blend of financial and leadership knowledge
  • Can be customized for emerging, front line or seasoned managers
  • Offered on-site
  • Opportunity to produce solutions to real work challenges and demonstrate leadership in Planning, delegating and moving a project from inception thru trial and suitable for presentation to Senior Administrative staff
  • Eligible for six (6) Post-Baccalaureate College credits; Seattle Pacific University School of Business and Economics